Curtis Willis and Maizie

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Frosty Florida?

The TV weathermen were all forecasting 39 degrees for our Saturday a.m. but we lucked out with mid-40s.  Many of us enjoy the cooler temps because we can bring out the hand knits and actually wear them all day!
Here's a self-portrait shot taken with the iPad in my office at work, stylin my recently completed Tanta, design by Emily Ross (knit using Malabrigo Sock in Abril; see Ravelry for details).  Gosh I wish my photo editor software had something to erase neck wrinkles - like that red eye erase feature only it would work on wrinkles!  Loved this design so much I am making another using Cascade Heritage Paints sock yarn.  Like the colorway but the yarn isn't as crisp as the Malabrigo so the points on the border aren't as defined.  Perhaps they will block out.  Here's the almost half-way point:
FYI that is one of our giant pine cones, approx 5-6" long.

As I staged this WIP scarf I noticed a serious mistake about 3" from the bottom.  Will definitely wind back & start over since this will be a gift.
Yarn: Classic Elite Liberty Wool in Reflecting Pool. Grays, lavender, turquoise, lime green combo.  Pattern: Molly by Classic Elite.

And this poor scarf has been neglected since Tanta rode into town; it's the Swiss Cheese Scarf design by Winnie Shih knit in Kauni wool 8/2 Effektgarn.  Not sure I like the sides of the "holes" but perhaps they will tighten up a bit with soaking.  Or perhaps I will unravel and start over! OCD!
Enjoyed a nice relaxing afternoon with cross-stitchers but cannot post a snap of my progress on Villages of Hawk Run Hollow because it's been stitch 10 rip 20 recently.  But I think block 7 is stabilized now and will come along nicely.

Curtis Willis (big boy cat) is now officially addicted to his red laser mouse.  That's a tale for another time.

Wishing you all a wonderful rest of the weekend!


  1. So much lovely knitting! Seems like everyone is a bit chilly this weekend. We are as well. Hopefully it'll warm up for a while soon. Love the new header pic of your kitties. So cute! It always amazes me how long a cat can get when it stretches out. lol! Mia loves the laser too! Her other favorite toy is called "Da Bird Feather Teaser." Got it from Amazon.

  2. I do believe I need to find someone to teach me how to knit! I love scarves, shawls, etc. especially now that our cooler weather has set in!

    Let me know if you find that wrinkle remover software - maybe it will work on those extra chins that keep showing up in pictures!

  3. all the colors on your WIPs! They are looking great!

  4. first...the tanta is gorgeous on you!! have zero wrinkles and you rockin it girl.

    third...i din't see any mistakes in the blue scarf, it's soooo pretty.

    forth...40 in florida?? really?!? bummer

  5. Kris - the new header photo of the babies is soooo cute. Maize is a big girl now - not big but all grown up. Your WIP's are beautiful - LOVE the Molly and the color of that Liberty Wool is wonderful. I sure will miss seeing that stuff in person. You already know I adore your Tanta and the color and yarn choice is smashing.
    Enjoy wearing them - Mel

  6. I'm working on that same Swiss Cheese pattern but I think mine is not as wide. I'm with you. I'm not sure I love the sides, but I just keep knitting it when I pick it up.

    Everything else looks fab!