Curtis Willis and Maizie

Saturday, November 5, 2011


Thankful, after getting a call from the DH saying he hurt his hand, arm & head, that after rushing home from stitching group across town I found him a little scraped up & sore, but with no broken bones or major issues.

Thankful that a friend was home & able to get to him within a few minutes.

Thankful that her aunt and my sister are nurses with 70 yrs experience between them...and although being in distant cities patiently listened to us describe his condition and make recommendations (no ER visit needed).

And along those is a little piece I stitched, an old Blackbird Designs, framed by Chris at The Frame Shop in St. Augustine.  The wonderful beading on the frame doesn't show very well.

The words are similar to The Beatitudes: faith, wisdom, patience, love and peace.  The beautiful overdyed colors don't really show either.  Clearly my photography skills are lacking.

I finished my first Tanta shawl and can't say enough good things about its designer, Emily (knitterain on Ravelry).  Very clever borders and an easy knit.  I immediately cast on another the night I finished it!  This one knit using 1 skein of Malabrigo sock yarn in Abril...a delicious purple-y blue...just like berries.

Our breezy cool weather is great for sleeping with windows open, but it's making Curtis Willis a little beast...he's bouncing off walls...literally.  Here is his most innocent look and don't let it fool you:

This is airshow weekend at our NAS and we are enjoying the Blue Angels zooming thru the skies!
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  1. I'm so glad your DH is ok! How scary for you! Nice to have nurses in the family like that. Lovely stitching (I love that BBD piece!) and framing! Love the shawl too! lol about Curtis Willis! He's such a cutie!

  2. Glad to hear your husband is well. That must have been a scary drive home.

    Curtis Willis a beast? Impossible!

  3. So glad your husband is okay. That must have been pretty scary.
    Love that BBD piece - that frame is a beautiful compliment.
    What a beautiful shawl!! There are many days when I wish I could knit!!

  4. wonderful news about the hubs.....we are lucky to have men we love in our lives!!

    you have talent, the shawl is gorgeous!!

    i'm not buying the curtis willis story, he just looks too cute ;)

  5. Glad your husband is ok. Scary.

    Love your finish! And poor Curtis Willis, he's so misunderstood!

  6. Beautiful finishes Kris ! Glad N is on the mend and did not do serious damage in the fall. That phone call was scary for all of us at stitching. Poor little CW - he gets accused of being such a bad boy - can it be true?? Cheers! Mel