Curtis Willis and Maizie

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Bugs N Slugs

Ah, fresh batteries in the camera! I try to be green by using rechargables but they just don't seem to have enough power to take more than 2 pictures. Anyone else have that problem? Maybe the old HP camera is the problem.

Below are my 2 favorite subjects, Curtis Willis and his little sister Maizie, doing what cats do best. Right now Curtis is bouncing off the walls, but for this snap he was out like a light.

Here is a snap of some of our newer outdoor friends...Monarch butterfly caterpillars, munching on the milkweed plants near the front door. Can you find both of them?

There were 4 in all but they have since morphed into their next phase; so far we've discovered 2 chrysalises.  One apparently liked the receptacle cover for his incubating spot. Another one is attached to a fern frond nearby.  I hope I'll be around to see the butterflies emerge!

ere's what I've been doing instead of housework...plugging away at my Susan Rambo sampler:

For some reason the squirrel strikes me as looking a little bit zombie-like. I was tempted to stitch his eye in red....bwahahaha. I love this sampler!

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