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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Blogger Issue?

I posted a blog update yesterday but it appears that some folks can't see it, while others who link to my blog show a red X next to its name.  When I google the name of my blog, it doesn't show up.  If you are reading this, do you know what can be done to resolved the issue?  I'm going to contact blogger now.  Thanks!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Spring Visitors

We had a bit of warm weather this weekend, although today we are quite chilly. Lots of activity outdoors, including a newborn Monarch butterfly. I was very surprised and happy to see that we had a hatching, and saw this one soon after he came out of the chrysalis. He had to hold on for dear life when the wind gusted, but later in the day was flying about & enjoying the milkweeds that have managed to bloom. The tail of a large lizard appears on the brick.
A pair of blue birds have expressed serious interest in the chickadees' birdhouse, instead of their own in the back yard, so the opening had to be enlarged. Naturally today none of them have appeared.
This little fella appeared on the sidewalk near the back of the house, and was relocated to the woods beyond the yard. You know what turtles usually do when you pick them up, right? weeee weeee!
The roses are starting to show off:
Just to the right of this bush is a wonderful bush with small tubular orange flowers that were visited by a pair of orange banded Sulphur butterflies, moving much too quickly to have their picture made.  The male was the most gorgeous apricot color.  This isn't my photo but this is a good model from the Florida Museum of Natural History website. Sorry it's so large. I'm not very good at blogger workings.

                                  Here's a snap of my most recent FO, a pair of socks that were a gift to a co-worker.  The 2nd sock was almost done when I realized it would probably fit the Jolly Green Giant, so frogged back to the band of the cuff and reknit.  Have no idea what that was all about, because the 2nd time through it was to gauge and matched sock #1. Details on Ravelry; yarn = Dream in Color yarn of the month awhile back and the pattern came with.
And I hope to finish this pair tonight, knitted from a discontinued KnitPicks yarn. They will go to the Afghans for Afghans non-profit group. I didn't contribute much last year so will try to step it up this year.  Amazing how quickly plain stockinette socks can be completed.

It was great to have a day off from work, to be home for the workers to demo our bathroom.  Demo meaning 'demolish' that is. Out went the drywall, the tile, the tub, etc....everything out to the dumpster! Within a couple of weeks a new walk-in shower will be installed, new tile, new vanity, new mirror. Just like HGTV haha!

Thanks for stopping by my little blog.  I am so grateful that you visited!