Curtis Willis and Maizie

Sunday, April 20, 2014

A Colorful Easter!

Happy Easter Friends!  I am wishing I had a camera with a powerful lens instead of just my little iPad, because I have a yard full of colorful, but somewhat shy, visitors. Much to my surprise I am entertaining 3 male painted buntings and 4 indigo buntings among my usual bunch of woodpeckers, cardinals, titmice, wrens, Carolina thrashers, chickadees, house finches, blue jays and doves.  And another fly-in...a blue grosbeak popped in to check out the party. And the bluebirds appear to finally be nesting. And a pair of catbirds is back!  It's like Cirque de Soleil out there!!  The buntings are just the brightest parrots!

Yesterday I started a baby sweater for a coworker's daughter who just learned she will be having a boy this fall.  Last Sunday I started a cotton vest for myself:
Haven't done any stitching to speak of but did crochet a dozen cotton starfish wash clothes for favors.  It's been a super busy month, what with answering a summons for federal jury duty (not selected), long hours at work, recuperating from a nasty dog bite to the face, and lots of April birthdays, including my own.  Here are some treasured gifts from friends:
Knitting mouse!
Fiberphile Cashmere!

Lucci Olivia - luxurious!
Even with 3 days of no sunshine and lots of rain it is a wonderful Easter day...for what it represents to Christians, and to celebrate friendships and families.  I will leave you with a darling Assisi style bunny stitched by a friend in my guild:

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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Por Luciana Delgado

Progress on Luciana...a project NOT on my 2014 Challenge List, but whose colors and design spoke to me:

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

A Few Finishes

Name tag for wearing to EGA meetings, from double running class taught by our talented JoyceAnne. 28-count linen banding from Inspired Needle, silk by Vicky Clayton gifted by DF Mel.
Dragonfly Socks, free pattern by Jocelyn Sertich available on Ravelry; Pink Lemonade yarn from a retired indie dyer.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

I thought it was Spring?!?

Seems like the weather teased us into thinking Spring was around the corner last week, but now it's back to cold! Understanding that cold is relative..but in NE Florida temps in the 30s and no sun is not right! Not for me! Some of my flowering shrubs are blooming so prettily, and the wild violets are everywhere like little fairies.

Here's a fun little project using a ball of cotton yarn and a cute free pattern from Deja Jetmir (Starfish Washcloth) on Ravelry. You can add a fizzy bath ball or scented soap in the middle and tie it up with twine or ribbon for a nice gift.
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Monday, February 17, 2014

Happy Presidents' Day!

Do people say that? It's happy for me because my company observes the holiday. A 3-day weekend and a full moon combine to bring out the clean-and-organize urge. I managed to finish a couple of long-awaiting knitting projects. Embarrassed to say that the only thing lacking on the mitts was a single thumb...about 10 rows of 14 stitches, how lame was that? Done! And a newborn sized baby sweater for a sweet girl who's now a toddler, so it will go to her cousin this fall. Just needs 2 buttons.
Back to the vacuum cleaner!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Susan Rambo Is In The House!

So pleased to have Susan home from the framers. She currently resides in the great room and is looking quite settled against the tomato red wall. I chose a simple frame with simulated wormy looking texture to the wood. When the framer brought her out from the back of the shop, I must admit I gasped a little! She really looked like a piece from grandma's attic.  I've even warmed up (a little bit) to the unusual mallard duck in the center, while the 2 zombie squirrels remain my favorites.