Curtis Willis and Maizie

Friday, December 31, 2010

Hangin with the Katz

This is day 3 spent housebound while our wonderful handyman installs French doors between our dining area & the little sunroom. He is a perfectionist, making everything square that was not square, making sure there are no gaps or nail holes. He's over 70 & has that old fashioned work ethic! He's great! This was not a must-do, just a want-to-do project.

Working from home for 3 days has given me the opportunity to get some cute snaps of the kittehs, Curtis Willis and Maizie.  I adopted CW from the Humane Society in May when our dear old Siamese succumbed to cancer. I wanted us to remain a one-cat home but Maizie found us.  Her teeny little head was poking out of an opening in my husband's boat, parked in the carport.  He heard her mewing & long story short, we rescued her & kept her. She was just 2 lbs then, in late July.  She's still tiny & has a special place in my heart; they both do. And they are great pals. Curtis is so curious & bright that we're glad he has a little pal to play with because we'd never be able to keep up!  They were entwined like a pretzel as I went to snap this but they moved just a tad. Look at that fuzzy belly on Curtis:

Their close-up:

This is typical Maizie...big stretch & ready for her belly rub:

It's such a warm & pleasant day in N FL we can finally open a few windows.  Right now a Carolina Wren is fussing at Curtis through the front window.  We keep the feeders full and have lots of wrens, finches, cardinals, various woodpeckers & other birds to watch.

Guess I'd better get busy & figure out a new cross-stitch project to start on 1/1/11.  Not doing the 'start 15' challenge in January; opted for the 'finish 11 in 2011' so both knitting & xs projects will be included.

Wishing you all a peaceful end to 2010 and a very blessed 2011.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Finally - an Update!

Fear of not remembering how to do this blog thing is my lame excuse for not updating. Today I have the time & determination to!  There have been a number of blog-worthy events but the most recent was getting to visit in Atlanta during 2 days of snow! And do I have pictures of it? No!  Next year I intend to do better.  I can include pictures of a few relatively recent Finished Objects, 1 a gift and 3 for me (does that sound bad?).

These 2 are the Lacey Baktus design (free pattern on Ravelry); the top one from Jitterbug, the bottom from Misti Alpaca:

This is a Just Enough Ruffles scarf (I labeled the photo Too Many Ruffles by mistake in my photo album...Freudian slip...because it goes from 200 to 600 stitches at the end!!). Hard to tell that it's a beautiful chartreuse & other greens colorway.

This is a personal favorite using Classic Elite Hand Painted Liberty wool & the CE design named Molly; it's a wonderful blend of sunrise colors...gray, crimson, purple, blue & yellow:

I plan to post some pix of my counted cross-stitch WIPs.  No finished objects to report in awhile. Goal is to finish Villages of Hawk Run Hallow in 2011. It's 1/2 way there now.

Wishing everyone a Happy & Blessed New Year!