Curtis Willis and Maizie

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Hatches Battened!!

Whatever batten means! We're sitting tight here in Jacksonville, Florida, watching our very own beaches on the Weather Channel.  Gosh, we sure need the rain in this part of the country, but we don't need it all at once!  Tropical Storm Beryl is already onshore but the strongest winds and rains are said to be coming during the middle of the night. I've spent the afternoon filling vessels full of water in case we lose electrical power.  This house is on a well, and with no electricity, no running water in the house! But the pantry is full, the cats are napping, lots of knitting projects are on hand. Too bad our big annual Jazz Festival and Memorial Day tributes had to be cancelled, but overall, it could be worse.  Hope you are enjoying your weekend in your part of the world.  I'll be posting again soon with Finished Objects, flowers, and more.  Then it's off to the knee doc on Wed for repair of a torn meniscus.  I'm hoping the recovery time will allow for some knitting. :)