Curtis Willis and Maizie

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Blogging...In My Mind

April was such a busy month with LOTS of good blog fodder. But did I post? Noooooo!!! But in my mind...oh, in my mind, I blogged every day!!  In April we had a bathroom remodel, Easter, a milestone birthday ending in "0", visitors, gardening, closet cleaning, major stash acquisition, flowers blooming, butterflies hatching, bluebirds nesting...I'm sure I'm missing a few things but it's all humdrum without snaps, so here are a few:

Yesterday I noticed the bluebirds carrying what appeared to be eggshell far away from the nest, and by this morning I could easily hear the little "peep peep peeps" from the nesting box that can only mean newborns!! Here's a snap of mama bluebird getting ready to deliver a tasty treat into the box:

I planted quiet a few new flowering plants that appeal to butterflies, hummingbirds (they're back!) and the fattest bumble bees you've ever seen! I swear they're the size of chickadees!

I caught a serious case of 'startitis' too..both knitting and cross-stitch, in a big way!!
Working on My Brother's Keeper by Plum Street
Started Lizzie Kate's Green FlipIts:

Started Wendy Knit's Double Ruffle Scarf in color-changing Kauni EffektGarn, on Size 3 needles; liked it so much I ordered 2 more skeins in different colorways:
Started & frogged (more than once) a gorgeous lace shawl by MimKnits named Aspen Grove Shawl.  Now that my new stitch markers are here I'll tackle it again.  Note to self...stop trying to knit lace while watching TV late at night!  Received this month's installment of Romi's 2012 Lace Club yarn, a fabulous skein of golden lace weight from A Verb for Keeping Warm

I'll leave you with a snap of Curtis Willis being his usual cute self.  He survived his 2 year checkup but was a little jumpy the rest of the day.  And a snap of me on the beach late Easter afternoon, which also happened to be my birthday!
6-0 BAY-BEE!!!