Curtis Willis and Maizie

Friday, December 31, 2010

Hangin with the Katz

This is day 3 spent housebound while our wonderful handyman installs French doors between our dining area & the little sunroom. He is a perfectionist, making everything square that was not square, making sure there are no gaps or nail holes. He's over 70 & has that old fashioned work ethic! He's great! This was not a must-do, just a want-to-do project.

Working from home for 3 days has given me the opportunity to get some cute snaps of the kittehs, Curtis Willis and Maizie.  I adopted CW from the Humane Society in May when our dear old Siamese succumbed to cancer. I wanted us to remain a one-cat home but Maizie found us.  Her teeny little head was poking out of an opening in my husband's boat, parked in the carport.  He heard her mewing & long story short, we rescued her & kept her. She was just 2 lbs then, in late July.  She's still tiny & has a special place in my heart; they both do. And they are great pals. Curtis is so curious & bright that we're glad he has a little pal to play with because we'd never be able to keep up!  They were entwined like a pretzel as I went to snap this but they moved just a tad. Look at that fuzzy belly on Curtis:

Their close-up:

This is typical Maizie...big stretch & ready for her belly rub:

It's such a warm & pleasant day in N FL we can finally open a few windows.  Right now a Carolina Wren is fussing at Curtis through the front window.  We keep the feeders full and have lots of wrens, finches, cardinals, various woodpeckers & other birds to watch.

Guess I'd better get busy & figure out a new cross-stitch project to start on 1/1/11.  Not doing the 'start 15' challenge in January; opted for the 'finish 11 in 2011' so both knitting & xs projects will be included.

Wishing you all a peaceful end to 2010 and a very blessed 2011.


  1. OMG! they're so cute together! Is Maisie still a kitten or is she full grown? I love her blue eyes! I bet they love having each other for companionship. Our Mia is still small at this point. I'm hoping she stays petite. :D Have a wonderful New Year! Give those kitties a hug for me!

  2. CW is his usual debonaire self and little Maizie - such a twinkie - these are cute snaps. So glad you came by today to visit - wishing you and N - many blessings in the new year - Mel

  3. I would love to be a 2 cat home,but I don't think my spoiled rotten moggy would stand for it. You're lucky that CW and Maizie get along so well. love your kitties.