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Sunday, April 20, 2014

A Colorful Easter!

Happy Easter Friends!  I am wishing I had a camera with a powerful lens instead of just my little iPad, because I have a yard full of colorful, but somewhat shy, visitors. Much to my surprise I am entertaining 3 male painted buntings and 4 indigo buntings among my usual bunch of woodpeckers, cardinals, titmice, wrens, Carolina thrashers, chickadees, house finches, blue jays and doves.  And another fly-in...a blue grosbeak popped in to check out the party. And the bluebirds appear to finally be nesting. And a pair of catbirds is back!  It's like Cirque de Soleil out there!!  The buntings are just the brightest parrots!

Yesterday I started a baby sweater for a coworker's daughter who just learned she will be having a boy this fall.  Last Sunday I started a cotton vest for myself:
Haven't done any stitching to speak of but did crochet a dozen cotton starfish wash clothes for favors.  It's been a super busy month, what with answering a summons for federal jury duty (not selected), long hours at work, recuperating from a nasty dog bite to the face, and lots of April birthdays, including my own.  Here are some treasured gifts from friends:
Knitting mouse!
Fiberphile Cashmere!

Lucci Olivia - luxurious!
Even with 3 days of no sunshine and lots of rain it is a wonderful Easter day...for what it represents to Christians, and to celebrate friendships and families.  I will leave you with a darling Assisi style bunny stitched by a friend in my guild:

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  1. Great post Kris! Wish I could see you bird haven. Your new blue vest looks beautiful. Enjoy your gifts and happy Easter! Mel

  2. Your projects are all wonderful! Love the yarn goodness too! Happy Easter!

  3. Your new projects are great!! Love the colors in the baby sweater.
    Have fun!!! henri

  4. Indigo Buntings are such beautiful birds - I see them on rare occasion where I live - but not often enough. I hear you - I too, have wanted a "little more lens" than I have on my camera!

    Hope you had a joyous Easter.

  5. Oh, I am so jealous of your buntings! I have only seen pictures of them, but I think they're beautiful. Happy belated birthday!!

    I love that vest you started...what's the pattern?

    1. Thanks Heather! The name of the pattern is Felicia Vest designed by Dorothy Siemens. Very well written and fairly easy!

  6. Beautiful projects, the sweater is going to be gorgeous!! You know what they say...April showers, bring may flowers. I never mind a rain day!!