Curtis Willis and Maizie

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Hummingbird Days of Summer

We now have an official pair of hummingbirds, male and female.  She perches while she sips from the feeder, for what seems like minutes at a time.  He can't be bothered to sit.  His manners are lacking because he chases her away until he gets his drink of nectar.  Yesterday he seemed to be sipping water off all the leaves of a rosebush after the morning rain stopped!  I wish I had a photo to show.

A few weeks ago our Azalea Guild was delighted to have a guest from Ohio...Ellen Chester!  After a yummy lunch we stitched and visited all afternoon.  In all the excitement I failed to take any good photos; this was taken near the very end of our gathering:
This tiny snap was taken with an iPad2 and unfortunately I haven't been able to figure out how to enlarge it without losing clarity, darn it!  Here is a snap of DF Henri working on her Hannah Gilpin 1800, another gorgeous Quaker sampler for her collection:

This is my Susan Rambo...not much progress as I've been working on a couple of birth samplers, to be posted soon.
Half of the bottom section is fully done but I see this photo does not show that.

I'll close with a few kitty pix, so dear to my heart.  Curtis Willis and Maizie aka Teeny Weeny (not really Teeny anymore at age 1).  They are so cute when they nap together!
Teeny is always hoping for a belly rub!  CW wants everyone to know that he is innocent of matter what his sister says!


  1. I bet the visit with Ellen was a lot of fun! Your Susan Rambo is looking so pretty! She's a fun stitch, isn't she? I love seeing pics of your kitties -- they're so sweet!

  2. Kris great post - glad the photo was tiny so you could not see how fat I am LOL !!!!!!! Your SR is just gorgeous. Those kitties look so sweet and innocent but I know better of Mr CW. have a good week! Mel

  3. Great work on your projects! Kitties of course are beyond cute and so fun to catch in the act of "something". Maizie almost a year???? Hard to believe. Time flys!