Curtis Willis and Maizie

Saturday, July 16, 2011

How Did They Do It? the Olden Days?  Whew, we've been without A/C since yesterday afternoon.  I kept telling the DH the A/C wasn't working right but noooooo. I came home from work to an 82 degree house and DH sitting in front of TV apparently not affected! Fortunately "we know someone" who is coming by today around 3 pm.  So all windows are open, all ceiling fans moving the 100% humidified air around. The cats are enjoying their window sitting; all the better to keep eyes on the birds.  Praises for the wonderful rainstorms we've had the past few days. Since 90% of the swamps in south GA have burned, the rains may dampen them and protect the rest. Fires are a normal part of the circle of life...for a swamp...but hate thinking of the critters that live there.  And wow, rainwater does a world of good for my plants. The milkweeds have been growing 3-4" a night, I swear.  Last evening I discovered 8 good-sized monarch butterfly caterpillars munching away! This morning early a few of them were on the march. They move amazingly quickly! Hope we see 8 chrysalises (chrysali?).  A few snaps:
Wowee!! was able to get a snap of our female hummer! She's on the far left side of the feeder.
These are some of her fav plants:
Lady in Red Salvia
And I spied a few of these Milkweed Beetles on the plants. This one was very camera-shy; he kept scooting around the stalk when I lifted the camera!

Oh and just for fun, our Uverse service has been on the fritz for 5 days.  So just when I try to send an email or when an exciting part of a TV program is poops out.  Calling the AT&T No-Help-At-All Line has been frustrating but supposedly whole neighborhoods are affected and it's not our house with a problem.  GRRR.  And I can't get the NY Times Crossword Puzzle app to work on my iPad now that I am completely addicted to it.  Their help is really useless.  Technology!  We love it!  But HOW did our foremothers survive in this humidity?? wow!


  1. WOW!! What great pic's. Hope your AC is back on soon.
    I know the 'kitties' are enjoying watching the happenings
    out-of-doors with just a screen between them and the

  2. Well the cats are the ones who benefit from no ac -- windows open. lol! My sympathies. I hate no ac, and especially with humidity added in. Ugh. Love the garden pics -- very nice! Love hummingbirds!

  3. OOPS - I think I smashed one of those caterpillar thingys with my car last week - I thought it was just something else that was going to be eating up my plants - You know everything grows bigger over in the swamp LOL
    Glad your a/c is humming again and I'm sure glad I did not change to UVerse when I was threatening recently to do so. What no mystery sampler progress pic? Hope to see it in person soon - have a good week - mel

  4. I came to your blog after reading a comment on Gail's post. I am a monarch waystation in Nebraska. I grow several kinds of milkweed, and lots of flowers the butterflies like, such as Mexican sunflower. I didn't see as many monarchs this summer as last, but had been seeing some every day for awhile. There were at least 4 a day, and I saw 5 or more one day. For a few days last week, I didn't see any, but then, for the last few days I have been seeing some again. I wonder if they are different ones that have come from the north, or some that just hatched. I did see a caterpillar a couple weeks ago.

    Maybe some that had been my way are now at your place.

    We are getting ready for some cold temps. My dh says we have to have someone look at the furnace before we turn it on. I have asked him several times to make the call, then, but he hasn't yet. He did wash the filter the other day, though. I'm not sure which I'd rather be unable to use, the heater or the air conditioner.