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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Wings of Summer

Didn't summer fly by on golden wings this year? The best of intentions to post often did not carry through to action.  Now I have a scad of pictures, many of the monarch butterfly circle of life we were privileged to observe in our own front garden.

The Azalea Guild was honored with a visit from our dear friend and teacher, Lorraine Mootz of Celle,  Germany.  Lori has charted a number of samplers and is a curator at the sampler museum there.  Here she is showing one of her antique treasures:

And here is DF Jane holding her completed Marguerite Dumas, an antique French sampler that Lori charted.  Lori is holding another sampler that she charted and Jane finished...will someone please comment on the name of the sampler? It eludes me!

And here I am holding a favorite German sampler that Lori charted and I finished several years ago:
 Each attendee contributed something wonderful for our luncheon. After dining we were treated to a lecture about samplers delivered by Lori.  This brief post far understates the event and I regret that I have so few photos to share and not much in the way of commentary.  The event took place at the beginning of the summer which now seems like forever!  Thanks to DF Melody for hosting this wonderful event at her workplace, the historic Benzel House in the Riverside area of Jacksonville.

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  1. Oh it sounds just wonderful!!! I love the samplers -- all of them. Beautiful work! And lucky you and your guild for getting to attend such an event. I always forget you're down there with Melody and etc. :D

  2. Hard to believe that's already two months ago! It was a great event and I learned a lot!

  3. Great post Kris - I will let Lorraine know you put it up and send a link - Mom's samplers are Marguerite Dumas (the french red one) and the vierlande Sampler that was in SANQ last year. You did not mention the name of yours - I think it was a Permin chart that Lori repro'd for them but I don't know the name. Yes hard to believe 2 mos have flown by and soon we have Ellen Chester to look forward to at the lovely Bensel House. Cheers Mel

  4. Kris, that last sampler is AMAZING! Even from what I could see in the enlarged version, the detail is astounding. Beautiful!

  5. Oh wow! What an amazing post! I'm just finding my love of samplers - there are some real beauties out there, aren't there?
    Your day looked like it was a special treat - thanks for sharing the fun!!

    PS - thanks for the kind comments on my blog :)

  6. i read this the other day and did not comment!! it looks like a very special day for you!!