Curtis Willis and Maizie

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Bunnies Cats & Hummingbirds

By now I was hoping to post a finished Susan Rambo but alas, I got sidetracked by With Thy Needle & Thread's Mystery Sampler...the colors just grabbed me. I saw another stitcher's finished Part 1 and discovered I had stitched only the inner 1-stitch border...didn't even realize there is an outer 1-stitch border as well.  I will get right on that tonight!  Here's my nearly-finished Part 1:

Here's what I picked up next Just Nan's 3 Violets Humbug.  It was interesting to learn that a humbug is an English candy of a certain shape.  I always wondered where Nan came up with that name!

I hope to finish, add beads, and assemble this weekend.

Here's someone who's clamoring for my attention by misbehaving (on top of the frig):
While little Maizie soaks up the late afternoon sun on her perch at the window:
I had hoped to snap one of the hummingbirds on the feeder, but they're still a little camera-shy.

I've been enjoying the use of my new iPad2, provided by my employer.  All the snaps above were taken with its camera app & I'm pretty pleased with them.  Not quite as crisp as I'd hoped but not too bad.  I'll leave you with a portrait of Curtis Willis in a brief moment of good behavior & wish you all happy needle crafting this weekend:
 Thanks for stopping by!


  1. The Mystery Sampler is looking fantastic! I've not seen pics of anyone who is as far along as you. What thread are you using? It's really so pretty!

    Maizie looks like the lady of the house and Curtis WIllis the scamp!

  2. Thanks Jackie. The MS uses Weeks. Yes we have a princess & a rogue!

  3. I so love the mystery sampler! I love seeing yours! You'll get back to Susan I'm sure. Love the Just Nan too -- so pretty! Your kitties are just so cute -- Curtis Willis actually gets on top of the fridge? Whoa! Love Maisie's perch! And hey -- lucky you to get an iPad2 through work!

  4. Your BOF looks fabulous, glad to hear I am not the only one forgetting things:))
    Good pic's indeed from an Ipad!

  5. that CW is such a scamp ! and Maize has grown into a little lady now - she looks very egyptian in her pose by the window. Love your WIP's they are looking fantastic! Mel