Curtis Willis and Maizie

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Beautiful Spring Day!

Today is so gorgeous! Doors & windows are open, the wrens are serenading, cats are basking in the is good!  Love a North Florida spring day when the sun is out and the humidity is not.  Big fluffy pink azaleas are blooming at our house, and dogwood & redbud trees are abloom all around the neighborhoods.
Maizie favors the front window with its view of a birdbath, but Curtis Willis sometimes thinks he has to depose her from her throne:

Can you see that little scowl on her face?  That's the reason I had to stitch this (Olga from Plum Street Samplers); the expression is identical!

Lately Curtis has decided he likes his Kitty Pi (free pattern from Wendy Knits).  First he had to show it who's boss by carrying it around by the scruff of its neck for a few days. Wish I had a video of him waddling room to room with the cat bed dragging under his belly!

If my rechargeable batteries would ever hold a charge for more than 2 minutes I would have posted this FO a few weeks ago (Little House ornament):

And the infamous boring gray sock, knit to match the 1st one of the pair, but a whole different size since I failed to remember that Sock 1 was knit with Size 0 needles and this one with Size 1.

This strange piece will eventually be a sweater. The pattern is named Elizabeth & is from a Classic Elite book for their hand-dyed Liberty Wool.  Very clever design, knitted side by side and all in one piece.  The band for trim and collar is shown at the top.  Once that is finished all will be steam blocked & sewn together. Hard to tell but the colors are eggplant, mustard, slate & pale gray.
I have a few other things in the works but have no more battery juice so will close with another cat photo (notice CW's lemur tail) and wish you all a happy week. Thanks for stopping by my little blog.


  1. Fun to see all your projects! Bummer about the socks being different sizes. Love the sweater! Love the Olga piece too. lol! I guess Olga and Maizie are twins! I love the pics of your kitties. Love the story about Curtis Willis and his bed too!

  2. CW dragging his bed - how cute !!! He is one handsome dude and little maizie - she is so like the Olga. Love Olga - have you decided how to display or finish her? That Liberty sweater is going to be wonderful - you are SOOO fast - I would be still working on it this time next year. your sheepy ornament is too cute. You are really cranking out the projects - hope we see a WIP of Susan Rambo soon ? YGG - Mel

  3. Thanks for nice comments! Olga/Maizie is going in the frame that the designer selected. Just have to take it to St. Augustine for the work to be done. Susan Rambo will make her debut this weekend.

  4. I can't wait to see that sweater finished! Looks like it will be really neat.

    I missed your comment over on Working to Finish 2011 that you had the flower thread I need (2358)! Do you still have it? What can I trade you for it? Email me at heather at lottloft dot com. Thank you very much!!