Curtis Willis and Maizie

Monday, February 21, 2011

Presidents Day

The reason for not posting in weeks is, I feel the need to include pictures but today I decided to post anyway.  So sorry, no pictures. Batteries in camera need charging but I'm home with a cold & just don't feel like dealing with that. It's a beautiful sunny day in North Florida, temperature around 80 degrees F and even hotter in the sun. The kind of day that calls me to be outside, not inside grasping a box of tissues.  The cats are napping & I do wish I could post a snap of how cute they are.

On the knitting front, I finished the boring gray sock, which is larger than the first one in both length & width. Arrgh! I knit the 2nd sock with size 1 needles, and the 1st sock using size 0.  Why didn't I discover that when I finished casting on?? Now I have to knit one more of each size. It's my fate for knitting a boring sock in the first place.  These socks will be donated to Afghans for Afghans when the pairs are finished. 

Started a side-to-side sweater using Classic Elite Yarn in beautiful hand-dyed Liberty Wool.  Shades of brown, eggplant, gray and gold.  I'm in The Local Needle's KAL with 4 other knitters. It will be fun to see how the various colorways play out.

Stitching - I've lost momentum on my Merry Cox online class project but will catch up later. Working on the Just Nan birth sampler distracted many clever little animal and bug motifs in specialty stitches...who could resist?

Finished a book that brought me to tears more than once: Learning to Die in Miami by Carlos Eire.  True story written by a man whose parents sent him from Cuba to Miami during the Pedro Pan airlift.  I'm drawn to most any book about Cuba, having made 6 mission trips there in the last 10 years.  Great insights into life there, life here in the 60s, family relationships and spiritual relationships.  I recommend this book.

We are now in the season of pollen aka spring.  All vehicles are coated with it. the birdbaths have yellow rings around the water, and I'm pretty sure it's drifted inside the house near any open window. 

Next time - pictures!


  1. Hope you feel better -- I hate colds. Don' worry about pics -- you'll do it at some point I know. Bummer about the sock. That book sounds interesting.

  2. Kris your Liberty Wool jacket is looking BEAUTIFUL - I love how the striping is coming up. Hope your "cold" is just allergies but that may be just as bad. At least you have a 4 day work week - good to see your post - Mel

  3. Sorry to hear you haven't been feeling well. Hope you feel better soon. Can't wait to see your new jacket, I'm sure it's fantastic. I know the socks are boring, but what a great place for them to go when they're done, I'm sure whoever gets them will love them!

  4. Looking forward to pics of the socks and jacket and cross-stitch progress. DH is weezing from the oak pollen here. It's been RAINING it for the past several weeks.
    Feel better!