Curtis Willis and Maizie

Thursday, June 12, 2014

June? Wait! What?!

Wow, where has the time gone? I think quite a few of us are asking that question! I am happy to have a finish that will be going to the framer. It's Baby Celebration by Just Nan, made for my great-niece Rebekah Rose in Texas, born on my birthday last year!

Rebekah Rose
Here's a surprise shot of my cat Maizie aka Teenie Weenie, because that's what she was when I found her. She's more like tubby wubby now and just the sweetest thing. I had never seen her leap up on anything til this week and up she went, onto an armoire.


  1. Beautiful finish -- love it! Love the pic of your cutie kitty too!

  2. glad to see you and TW here today. Your JN baby sampler is soooo adorable. hope you will post the framed shot before it goes to live in Texas. Have a great weekend Mel

  3. What a sweet birth sampler! I love that your great niece was born on your birthday.

    I've always wondered why some kitties seek super high spots and others don't. Sammie never jumped higher than the kitchen bar. Maybe some are just more adventurous!