Curtis Willis and Maizie

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

A Few Finishes

Name tag for wearing to EGA meetings, from double running class taught by our talented JoyceAnne. 28-count linen banding from Inspired Needle, silk by Vicky Clayton gifted by DF Mel.
Dragonfly Socks, free pattern by Jocelyn Sertich available on Ravelry; Pink Lemonade yarn from a retired indie dyer.


  1. Both are wonderful finishes! Wow!

  2. Kris - that blackwork nametag is just stunning. I'm so glad I saw it with my own two little eyes. The socks are amazing too, you are such a talented knitter - YGG - Mel

  3. Really cute socks. . . and what a great job on the name tag!

  4. Nice job Kris! Love them both!