Curtis Willis and Maizie

Monday, February 17, 2014

Happy Presidents' Day!

Do people say that? It's happy for me because my company observes the holiday. A 3-day weekend and a full moon combine to bring out the clean-and-organize urge. I managed to finish a couple of long-awaiting knitting projects. Embarrassed to say that the only thing lacking on the mitts was a single thumb...about 10 rows of 14 stitches, how lame was that? Done! And a newborn sized baby sweater for a sweet girl who's now a toddler, so it will go to her cousin this fall. Just needs 2 buttons.
Back to the vacuum cleaner!


  1. good for you finishing up lingering projects Kris ! love the mitts. WOW - I am jealous you have a bank holiday today. Enjoy ! Mel

  2. Love those mitts -- great colors! Love the little sweater too! Fantastic! Hooray for finishing up those little projects!

  3. Done is done - it really doesn't matter how long they were on the needles!

    I say Happy Presidents Day too - but then again, I get the day off! :)

  4. Great finishes! Love the color of the sweater. Hope you enjoyed your day off!