Curtis Willis and Maizie

Monday, January 6, 2014

Freezing in Florida

Hi Friends, hoping everyone is staying warm. Isn't this a great time to stay in and knit, stitch, read, catch up on blogs, etc. It's been fun reading so many year-end and new year blogs, reading about the traditions, recipes, goals and resolutions, finishes, gifts and new starts!

As I was sorting through stash and lining up projects for my EGA chapter's 2014 Stitching Challenge,  I decided to remove the contents of 2 Shepherds Bush kits (Roma's Garden and Cranberry Pinafore). Which leads me to this it harmful to the linen fabrics to remain folded inside kits for years? As I was pressing the linen from these kits, I was concerned that there were fold marks.  Maybe it's my imagination.  How do you handle?

Making a little progress on current pair of socks:
And on one of my Challenge pieces, Christmas Thoughts Sampler by The Drawn Thread:


  1. The sock yarn is knitting up very nicely! I'm going to come back and see what feedback you get on the linen as I'd like to know the answer to that.

  2. Good question on the linen. I have all my linen stored folded. I sure hope it's not a problem! Love seeing your knitting and stitching. Hope you're not too cold!

  3. all my linen is folded in some manner - but we all know I'm not the queen of organization. I like my linen stored with the project if I purchased linen for it otherwise I never seem to be sure if I bought it or not. You are such an excellent sock knitter. I think the worst of our abnormally cold temps are over at least for a week. Mel

  4. Beautiful work!

    I wish I was in Florida! Thanks for stopping by my blog. :)