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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Well Hello!!

This was a first...while doing a little computer work this afternoon I glanced out the window and saw this visitor:
I should add, I do not own a pot-bellied pig. I live in suburbia. But long story short, she resides 2 houses away and apparently decided to take a stroll this afternoon.  She was quite friendly, and after I treated her to a slice of tomato, she happily followed me back to her house.  I think she was smiling:
Northeast Florida benefited from 3 days of nearly uninterrupted rain this past week. Our weather people have announced we are now officially out of our drought.  We were happy to see gorgeous sunshine today.  Monarchs have been climbing out of their cocoons these past few weeks. I never tire of watching them and seeing them fan their damp wings to dry them.

This April, like last, brought a raging case of Knitting Startitis, much more fun than my raging bronchitis.  I managed to finish a baby shrug & baby blanket for my new great-niece, Rebekah Rose, who decided to arrive on my birthday.

Love baby girl clothes, especially little frog feet & hat!

Speaking of frogs, it sounds like a million of them are out in the woods...guess the rain really made them feel like singing!

Wishing you all a wonderful week.  Thanks for reading my blog!


  1. OMG! lol! So you have a pot bellied pig living close by? I love it!! What a thing to see out your window! Love the knitting you've been doing too -- beautiful! Your great niece is beautiful too! Glad you are out of a drought. I think we need rain up here, but I haven't heard the word drought yet at least.

  2. Too funny about the pig! A positively beautiful baby!!

  3. out of the drought is quite an understatment isn't it! I think we had at least 10in. at my house - we had to drain the pool twice. A PIG !!!!!! You have a virtual petting zoo over there - bunnies and other critters and now this cute piggy. I think animals must be drawn to you or maybe it is the food LOL. Love the photo of Rebekah Rose - sweet baby. Love the baby shrug - too cute. Hope you have a great week - Mel

  4. Sooooooo very, very adorable. . . . what a 'great' Great-Aunt you are!!

  5. I can't think of another person who has had a pig visitor! Too funny!

    What a cute shrug and a cute great niece!

  6. Such cute clothes for a little one!! And the butterfly pictures are so pretty!!

    Nice to see you visit my blog today!!