Curtis Willis and Maizie

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year! OMG I'm Posting!

Hoping I remember how to do this! Just a quick note to wish any dear readers who might happen by...a very Happy New Year! I managed to start the year with a finish, a little watch cap that will be sent to the Afghans for Afghans folks.  Made from Cascade 220 on sizes 6 & 7 needles. A little hard on the hands but a great cause. It should make its way to an Afghan child to help warm him/her during their bitter winter.

I managed to finish 7 scarves in December for gift-giving.  One of my favorites but I cannot recommend it (took almost a year to knit on size 3 needles with skinny scratchy yarn that did soften up when soaked):
And 4 of these ruffled boa style scarves from novelty yarn:

It was a warm sunny day here in North Florida today, with a high of 78 degrees! We'll be dropping to the 30s soon but it was sure nice to start the new year with a warm day. 

Wishing you many sunny days ahead & lots of time to work on your favorite projects!


  1. Nice knitting!!! Such pretty projects! Wow, 78 degrees. Lucky you! I'd love some warm weather right now, but we're getting even colder.

  2. your knitting finishes are all so pretty Kris - lucky recipients. You are so dedicated to charity knitting - that is so admirable. Happy New Year to you ! Mel