Curtis Willis and Maizie

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Do You Ever...?

...put a pot of water on the stove to boil...then go off to read blogs...and eventually wonder why you haven't heard the water boiling?  And tear yourself away from the sampler blogs only to find a bright red burner on high...but it's not the one your pot of water is sitting's the one directly behind it!  DOH!!

That's what I just did for the umpteenth time.  Rushing around, needing to get to church on time for dress rehearsal for our Maundy Thursday service.  I just get so caught up in the many beautiful photos, of samplers, pets, spring snows up north, etc.

I need to take a new snap of my Susan Rambo sampler; she continues to amaze me.  But I just received Rose Quaker & ooooh, it's a nice one too!

Wishing everyone a blessed Holy Week.


  1. lol! I think we've all done things like that! I remember once when I was young putting rice on to boil. Problem was I didn't put water in with the rice. Oops!

    I love Susan Rambo! I've barely started her. :D

  2. Kris - thank goodness CW our jumper did not hit that red hot burner - EECCKK - that would have been disasterous. Susan is looking gorgeous - please show a photo when you have time. Don't eat too much chocolate !!!!!!!!! Mel

  3. I did that once...and since I wait to put the pot on the burner just to make sure it is the right one! By hte way, your furbabies are so cute....

  4. Using the stove???? What's that all about? Just stick with blog reading. AND cross-stitching, of course!