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Sunday, January 9, 2011

January - It's Not for Wimps!

Wow, did anyone else feel like this weekend would never arrive? Work seemed to move in slow motion and be 100 times more challenging that usual. Gah!! Guess that's what some folks call 'paying the vacation penalty.'  I missed staying in sweats all day & doing things at my own pace. Well back to reality!  And our chilly weather is back here in Northeast Florida.  Although it's nice to get a chance to wear handknits, we don't like the expensive heating bills and having to bundle up! Boo!

I did manage to finish this book - "The Warmth of Other Suns" by the very talented Isabel Wilkerson.  I won't attempt to write a book review; you can read this one:
What's on your Kindle/Nook/nightstand?  

Knitting news - I rewound 1/2 of my Lacey Baktus knitted from Jitterbug, for 2 reasons.  One, I was lacking a couple yards to finish it properly (so one end was a nub) and two, I bought a 2nd skein from a lovely Ravelry seller, allowing me to start again.  Went back to the halfway point and extended it before decreasing for the 2nd half of the scarf.  This will yield a larger scarf, which I wanted, and allow both ends to taper off to a normal point.  Unfortunately I seem to have lost my ability to count above 10 and had to rip back multiple times to have symmetrical sides.

Also managed to snap of few pix of unfinished cross-stitch projects, most long-neglected.  And I'm starting an online Merry Cox class called Tend Thy Sheep which is so exciting!
If you're interested in reading my list of 2011 project goals, please hop over to this website:
It was created by Teresa, a fellow stitcher/knitter.  Many of the stitchers in our Azalea House Guild are contributing and it's open for anyone who cares to to post.  Please join us!

Thanks for all who've left comments and read my fledgling blog!


  1. I'm signed up for the Merry Cox class too -- I'm hoping I will get to it. lol! The yarn sounds pretty! Sorry work made the week feel long. Oh, and thanks for the book recommendation. I'll have to check it out!

  2. The Merry Cox project is just darling! I love all the goodies inside.

  3. Your Merry class looks awesome - can't wait to see it come to life. I loved that Lacy Baktus scarf in Jitterbug - can't wait to see a finish photo on it. Yes the weather is pretty yuck around here - liquid snow today - guess we should be lucky it is not freezing rain or ice.
    Hope the 2nd week of January moves along at a more normal pace for you. mel